What If My Fish Or Coral Arrives Dead


We guarantee all our fish to arrive alive. If your fish was to arrive dead then please take a photograph and email us this within 12 hours.

Most of our fish also have a 5 day stay alive guarantee, as long as they are acclimatised in an appropriate mature environment. However for some of our species we cannot offer a guarantee beyond arrival for one of the reasons below. Some species are more delicate and do not handle stress from environmental conditions well. This can include:

  • Poor water quality.
  • Harassment from tank mates.
  • Confined aquarium conditions.

If a fish becomes stressed it can become more susceptible to infection and disease. Other species can have specialized feeding requirements that are difficult to recreate in an aquarium and may succumb to malnutrition if proper care is not given.

If you see a fish has a restricted guarantee it is important to check you have suitable conditions for that fish. The fish listed as restricted guarantee still have an arrive alive guarantee.

If any of your aquatic life dies during our guarantees and has been acclimatized in a mature aquarium we will send you a credit note.

Please email us photographs of the deceased specimens.


How Do I Drip A Coral or Fish


  • Unpack the bag and empty it into a bucket.
  • Test the salinity and pH of the water in the bag and of the water in your aquarium
  • Use the airline and clamp to start a siphon from your tank into the bucket and drip the water in at a rate of 1 drip per second until the pH and the salinity match. This should normally take around 45minutes


Before shipping your coral will be inspected by us for hitchikers but it is at this point you may wish to add a coral dip to the bucket.

After 45 minutes take the coral from the bucket and place it into the aquarium. Remember not to shock your coral by placing it in strong light straight away.

Do not feed your coral straight away - let it settle for a couple of days.

Keep an eye on your new purchase. Make sure it is opening / expanding properly. If it isn't then try to change the conditions it is in. Look at the amount of flow / light it is in and try to change it.

Once the coral has been settled for a few days you can try to feed it either with a liquid coral food or by target feeding it.

Although we make every effort to ensure the wellbeing of our livestock during transportation, fatalities can happen. If any livestock is found to be dead on arrival please inform us immediately, but not later than 12 hours after receiving the package. Any longer than this and we will be unable to offer you a replacement or refund. Please note the following conditions:-


•             We will need photographic evidence of livestock that arrives DOA in the original unopened fish bag

•             Any coral skeletons will need to be kept and we reserve the right to ask for these to be returned to us before replacement or credit

•             For some species we reserve the right to refund your purchase as we may not be able to source a replacement at the time