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TMC V2 1300 Power Pump

TMC V2 1300 Power Pump

High quality, compact pumps suitable for submersible or dry* applications in salt and freshwater aquariums.

Incorporate Sicce’s “ECO technology” which combines high power and flow rates with low energy consumption.
Unique impeller, using premium quality shaft materials, offers maximum performance and efficiency.
Corrosion-resistant ceramic bearings ensure quiet operation and durability.
Innovative "cooling chambers" provide air-cooling during dry use and water-cooling in wet applications.
Internal recirculation system prevents over-heating and ensures any debris is ejected from the pump.
Integral flow control dial for easy and precise adjustment of water flow.
Easy to use and maintain.
Pre-filter, hose adapters and suckers included.

*800 model is NOT suitable for dry applications

V2 1300 Power Pump Specification:

20 Watts.
230/240 Volts.
0.20 Amps
1300 Litres

Head Max 1.7 Metres 

Brand: TMC
Product Code: 1300
Reward Points: 33
Availability: 1


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